February Spotlight of the Month – Sarah G


I started riding, after learning briefly on my husband’s dirt bike when I turned 40. Then at 48 he brought home a bike that was sexy, old, knobbly tired, funky in the way I am, red white and blue, and totally cool – my 1989 Honda TransAlp XL600V. I have been and done many things, from raising and teaching kids, starting an intentional community, writing and producing two albums of original songs, writing numerous plays, stories, and screenplays, but this offered me a chance to be there for no one but myself. I rode the shit out of that bike those first few years. 

We live in SE Ohio, the land of the unglaciated foothills of Appalachia, replete with twisty, windy, unimproved roads going from wherever to the coal mines and back out again. I have spent so much of my late forties and early fifties exploring – discovered all kinds of whoopsies and hidden treasures, that I started a website to share two-lane paved touring routes with other riders who enjoy a ride full of nature and history – The Serpent’s Bones. (first woman-curated touring routes in the US).

I am a writer. You will notice that if you look at my website. I am also someone who loves maps, and loves sharing the cool stops I have found in the 17,000 plus miles I have logged tooling all over SE Ohio. There is much to see, and my goal is to get folks out there, wind in their face, no racing, just enjoying the sites, the open roads, the nice eats, and the camaraderie. Large group rides can be overwhelming. Women need a place to be peaceful, practice their riding safely without the stress of traffic, and stop to see and pee as needed. I have made that place.

The Serpent is the Native American sacred serpent Kinepeikwa. The Bones are the rock outcroppings that are scattered throughout the area and inform the roads. I am always re-working and improving the routes, since they are non-commercial they may take you to a place you did not realize you wanted to go. 

I appreciate my local community of women who ride and look forward to meeting more women out finding their wind place, enjoying freedom, and opening up new vistas for little girls who want to see and do more than their mothers maybe could have dreamed.