Spotlight of the Month – Linda

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a motorcycle and to ride my own.  Even though I loved riding on the back of my husband, I longed to have control and be carefree.  I had female friends that were riding their own so I felt like I could too.  So in April 2017 at age 51, I signed up for the motorcycle endorsement class.  Shall I mention that I almost did not pass.  However, the instructor was kind enough to pass me.  Thank goodness too.  I had already purchased a Honda Shadow 600 and practiced in the grass before taking the class.  I practiced in the grass so much that I wore a circular path in the backyard.  I was still nervous about getting on the road even after the class and the first time I took it upon myself to ride down the road by myself, I dropped my bike when I went to turn around.  I tried everything to pick her up and could not.  I was very happy to see 2 ladies stop in their vehicle and assist me.  I was a little embarrassed I won’t lie but I would have been more embarrassed to have to walk the road of shame home.

My very first memorial ride was just 2 months after getting my endorsement.  I trailered my bike to Indiana to ride with a couple female friends.  They took me all over even back to Michigan for ice cream.  We rode from about 10 am to 9 pm putting a little over 300 miles on that day.  Now I know that doesn’t should like much to some but for a new rider and my first solo ride without the husband it was quite a bit.  I was absolutely elated that these two experienced ladies took my under their wings and give me a memory that will last a lifetime.  I truly enjoyed myself that day and it gave me a since of power.

I love being on the open road because it is relaxing.  I can clear my head, other than the noise of pipes, I don’t hear any other noise.  I don’t worry about my phone ringing or anything else going on.  It’s just me and my bike.  I’m not thinking about the housework that I should be doing or when I’m going to be home.  I ride with a very caring a respectable group and have become very close with all of them.  I’m still learning of course and every time I get on my bike I learn something new.  They don’t teach you everything in the endorsement classes of course, how could they?  I meet other riders all of the time and for the most part, male or female, they have been nothing but kind and encouraging.

If I could teach one other new rider anything it would be what someone taught me last summer.  See I was riding with another female who had not ridden with me before and she felt comfortable enough to point out what I was doing wrong in the curves.  I have struggled with curves since day 1 and she did not know that previously.  She explained that she could see me looking down in a curve instead of looking through the curve.  Now each time I approach a curve in the road, her voice pops into my head reminding me “eyes up and look through the curve.”  I will be forever grateful for that bit of advice.  Also remember, we all started somewhere and don’t be so hard on yourself.   We will make silly mistakes, but we need to learn from those and push forward.  Make every ride a learning ride.  Take your time when looking for a bigger bike….I just this past summer purchased a fat boy.
Ride Safe Wind Sisters