Open Road Girl Member World Record Attempt


Minneapolis, MN,
April 9th, 2018

Faith Ahlers, seasoned rider and motorcycle accessories expert with Kuryakyn was
selected as one of four women that would be coached, trained and sponsored to challenge
the ’round-the-world’ record held by 2-time world record holder Urs Pedraita aka Grisu

Open Road Girl, followed by nearly 100,000 female motorcycle riders on Facebook, has
joined the other major sponsors including Caffe Latesso, Kuryakyn, GoPro, rukka,
American Bikes AG, DUCATI Zurich, MotoCenter, HONDA, SHARK, BECCI, ESSENTO,
MIRAGE to promote the entire ride, but has independently launched a special campaign
to fund and support final preparations for Ahler who hopes for a first place finish.

Ahler begins her pursuit of the world-record May 6th from Minnesota, down through
Tennessee’s The Tail Of The Dragon to her first checkpoint in Orlando, FL. After a quick
Open Road Girl celebration on May 7th at the ACE Cafe, Ahler flies with her motorcycle
to Madrid to ride through a series of exotic locales including but not limited to Madrid
Spain, Zurich, Switzerland, Paris, France, London, Moscow, Seoul, South Korea and
Anchorage Alaska to return to her starting point in Minnesota covering a total of 15,374

As an Open Road Girl member, Ahler has captured the hearts of minds of the Open Road
Girl collective and apparel line founded by Minnesota’s Malinda Johnson. “She’s one of us
and so I’m doing everything in my power spiritually, psychologically and financially to
ensure Faith is carried ’round-the-world’ during this historic attempt”, said Johnson.
“Open Road Girls are first and foremost free individuals who have seized their freedom
and their unleashed independence.” “Once an Open Road Girl learns the power of piloting
their own motorcycle, it’s impossible for them to settle for anything less”. “Faith
represents each one of us and we will all be praying for her and supporting her along what
will certainly be a dangerous trek for a woman traveling solo around the world on a
motorcycle”, said Johnson.

Open Road Girl will use any remaining proceeds from their “Carry Faith ‘Round-TheWorld”
T-shirt campaign to establish a new charitable fund, entitled, “Freedom4Her” that
will assist women worldwide as they escape the ravages of sexual trafficking and domestic
abuse. “As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know the slippery slope that traps so many
women due to their financial dependence and desire to protect any vulnerable children.”
“We thought it would be powerful for the most seemingly free and independent women in
the world to fund the deliverance of those women still striving to claim their birthright as
free individuals”, said Johnson. “We hope to hone the process of bringing women from
psychological and physical enslavement to the freedom represented by the “open road” as
we grow in numbers and financial capability”, said Johnson.

We have just received preliminary confirmation of the participation of some additional
well-known brands that will be announced shortly so stay tuned, remarked Johnson as she
rode away on her custom-branded Open Road Girl Indian Chieftain motorcycle.

Open Road Girl (ORG) is an apparel company based in Minnesota that serves an international collective of over 100,000 female motorcycle riders and ORG apparel buyers spread throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Open Road Girls mission is to bring the freedom of the open road to women worldwide who have yet to experience freedom as their birthright.

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