Finding Genuine Honda Saddlebag

Finding Genuine Honda Saddlebag

Accessories are an important addition to any motorcycle. They not only enhance its appearance, but increase the value of the motorcycle. One of the most important accessories you can add to your motorcycle is a saddlebag.

These are storage bags that are designed specifically for motorbikes. They were originally an improvisation of motorcycle enthusiasts in the 60s and 70s. Later on in the 80s, manufacturers began creating them up to standards, because of the increase need, as the motorcycle industry continued to grow.

Honda Saddlebags from Asia were the first to penetrate the market. They were significantly cheaper, as well as designed specifically for Asian bikes. For most people who own bikes, the Honda brand has the best classic design of bags. The bags are distinctively designed, and make the bike to stand out from the crowd.

After Market and OEM Accessories

Before buying any Honda accessory, you need to understand that there are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket accessories. OEM accessories are manufactured by companies that own the brand name. In this case, OEM saddlebags from Honda are from the company that manufacturers the motorcycles with that brand name.

On the other hand, after market bags will be from other independent manufacturers and designers that make these bags. Most of the bags you find online will be from aftermarket bags. They are generally more liberal, when it comes to design, plus they offer more variety to the market.

Most manufacturers claim that the OEM accessories are better in terms of design and quality. This may not necessarily be true, as there are genuine bags from a number of manufacturers that are of high quality. As long as you avoid buying from questionable dealers, who are keen on selling substandard cheap products fast, then you will be safe.

Aftermarket parts are often cheaper than OEM accessories. Even though this is not always the case, the consensus amongst motorcycle enthusiasts is that they are significantly cheaper. Manufactures often sell their accessories at high prices. Perhaps, this is because products from the manufacturers are perceived to be of higher value.

Quality Leather Products

When buying Saddlebags for Honda Shadow, VTX or any other model, there are several things you need to look for. The first is leather. Leather is one of the materials that most people choose when buying saddlebags. It is soft, attractive, and easy to customize.

Leather can either be soft or rigid. In its pure form, it is supple and changes shape easily. However, manufacturers of these bags always ensure that the leather bags are well framed to stop them from losing shape. Smaller bags do not need a lot of support. However, if you are buying a bigger bag to carry heavier things, you should consider choosing one that is reinforced with plastic.

Saddlebags’ Carrying Capacity

It is advisable to check on the maximum carrying capacity of the saddlebag, before making a purchase. Some bags will indicate a capacity of 20 pounds. This means that if you carry more load than this, the luggage will ruin the shape of the bag. The support framework is not designed to carry any more weight than that. Therefore, if you want the bag to last, do not exceed the weight limit.

Another thing you need to look out for is the metallic details on the bag. This is important for both durability and aesthetics purposes. Some people prefer certain types of metals to enhance the appearance of the bag, while others don’t. Chrome is one of the attractive metals, if you are looking for a bag with an eye-catching appearance. Other metals to go for are brass and stainless steel.

The metallic parts such as buckles, locks, and studs that are visible on the outside part of the bag are mainly made from these metals. Brass is mostly the top choice, if you are looking for something elegant. However, brass rusts quickly. Chrome is more expensive and needs to be maintained often. Stainless steel on the other hand is durable and rust resistant.

One of the advantages of Honda saddlebags is that they are diverse in appearance. This is particularly true if you are looking for leather vintage saddlebags. They are of high quality, elegant, as well as durable, which makes them the number top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.