5 Great Reasons Women Should Start Riding Harleys Now!

  1. The Harley-Davidson line has one of the largest communities of female riders, and this community is extremely supportive. There are many female riding divisions for Harley-Davidson riders throughout the nation and even the world. Female motorcyclists will not find this type of support system throughout any other motorcycle line. The Harley-Davidson website even has an area specifically dedicated to showcasing some of the best models of bike for a woman.
  2. Harleys are very easy to customize, and this is perfect for more petite women and women who need a specific size of motorcycle to ride. A Harley can be modified for any person’s build and height, unlike many other types of motorcycle which come stock and are difficult to change. A Harley can be changed to maximize comfort, style and control, which means a female rider does not need to compromise.
  3. Some models of Harley already lend themselves fairly well to female riders. The Harley-Davidson SuperLow, for instance, is naturally lower to the ground and more suited to smaller female riders. A female motorcyclist can find a wonderful model of Harley that works well for them and modify it very slightly to suit their needs.
  4. Harleys are extremely friendly for beginners. A good Harley protects its rider with a series of special safety systems that prevent the worst accidents. Many female riders need to begin from scratch because they haven’t had experience on a motorcycle before. Many models of Harley function as a perfect beginner’s bike because the motorcycle itself can correct many basic rider errors.
  5. Harleys are extremely responsive. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle practically responds to its rider’s thoughts. This can be very important for a woman, because women have lower bodyweight and thus cannot control a bike the same way a male rider can. Harleys are helpful in this aspect because they can respond to a female rider’s light touch just as readily as they would respond to the heavier touch of a male rider. This means that a woman will not need to struggle with a Harley the way she might with another type of bike.