Best Beginner Motorcycles for Women Riders

Learning to ride a motorcycle is one of those skills that can be a blessing for the rest of your life.

It is not all that difficult and most of the effort goes into breaking the psychological barrier associated with the fear of falling from the motorcycle. Then there is the whole matter of choosing the right motorcycle. Motorcycles can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. As such, like anything else in life, it is best to start with small baby steps. If you are a woman who is starting out as a motorcycle rider but do not know which motorcycle to begin your journey on, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will look at all the best beginner motorcycles for women and let you choose the one that you would feel the most confident and comfortable on.

The correct cc or engine displacement:

While there are motorcycles available with engine displacement in the region of 1200cc, they can be quite a handful for beginners. There are the low displacement motorcycles on the other end of the power spectrum. These are usually below 200cc and, while they will make your life very easy at the beginning, you will soon outgrow them and that is a waste of money in the long run. The perfect middle ground is choosing a motorcycle that is in the range of 300-600cc. That way you won’t have to deal with a steep learning curve while also being exciting enough to feel powerful enough once you gain more experience.

The types of motorcycles that you can choose from:

  • Cruisers: These are the most comfortable motorcycles that you can lay your hands upon. They are a bit difficult to handle as a beginner and we would suggest going this route only if you are quite confident. The laid-back style of riding that this motorcycle demands can lure you into the false sense of calmness and slow down your reaction times. Having said that, few things look as cool as a woman riding a cruiser and if you are willing to put in the extra effort required to clear that initial hurdle then look no further.

Some of the best cruisers suited for beginners are as follows.

  • Honda Rebel: This one comes in two variants – 300cc and 500cc. Both are perfect for beginners. It is minimalistic in its design approach and that lends this motorcycle a dash of old-school charm. The other design features like the color palette and the tank design are all modern and make this motorcycle a cool customer.
  • Harley-Davidson Street 500: If you want the most trusted name when it comes to cruisers that is relatively easy to ride then this is the bike to go for. It will give you entry into a truly celebrated group of riders and the feel of that thumping motorcycle underneath you is one that screams freedom and luxury. Pair the ride with an Open Road Girl jacket and neck tube and you will be turning heads as you ride like a champ.
  • Suzuki GZ250: If you are an absolute beginner then there are few motorcycles as good as this one. It is easy to ride, isn’t very twitch and despite being a cruiser it has a riding posture that inspires confidence. What is better is that it is easy on the pockets and consumes less fuel as well. It is used around the world to teach motorcycle riding and thus it is the perfect motorcycle for a lady just starting out on the motorcycling journey. An Open Road Girl women’s tee and tennis shoes will go perfectly with this motorcycle.
  • Street bikes: They are the standard motorcycles and are usually very rugged. They also have lesser engine power which is a good thing for a beginner. They are easy to fix and cheap to maintain which is another great benefit. They can also be used as an everyday commute option which renders it useful for a long period going well beyond the initial learning phase.Some great street bikes are:
    • Yamaha SR400: This is the quintessential long-term beginner’s bike. It has classic looks and the engine is just powerful enough to be still within the reaches of a beginner while being powerful enough to feel exciting for a long time. If you plan to eventually ride one of the 750cc plus motorcycles, then this motorcycle is a good starting point. Ride one of these wearing an Open Road Girl halter top and turn heads as you ride along.
    • Kawasaki Z125: If you are an absolute beginner and want something that looks really cool and vibrant then you cannot go wrong with the Z125. It is also the perfect option if you tend to travel a lot in heavy traffic. This bike is light and fun to ride. The power may soon become inadequate as you gain more experience but if you are looking for a great short-term option then there are few bikes as good as this one.

Honorable mentions: KTM Duke 390, Honda Grom:

  • Sports bike: If you want to look totally rad then this is the way to go. Keep in mind that they are the most demanding as well as being quite fragile. Crashing these can cost a lot in repair bills. They also tend to be a bit more fidgety and need a lot of confidence and finesse. We do not recommend these motorcycles for the absolute beginner. However, if you have some experience of riding motorcycles and are looking for the most stunning bikes out there then choose one of the following.
    • Honda CBR300R: This is the easiest sports bike out there. The riding posture isn’t too aggressive, and the engine is very smooth. This is a dependable name that can take a fair bit of abuse that a beginner is bound to inflict on a motorcycle. The seats are also lower which means that even shorter women can ride this with ease. If there was ever a sports bike for beginners, then this would be it.
    • Kawasaki Ninja 300: The Ninja is a name that is revered by motorcyclists around the world and the Ninja 300 allows you to find out why without having to put your life at risk. It has the looks and feels of the more powerful Ninjas but with the ease of use of a regular street bike.

Honorable mention: BMW G310

Choosing a motorcycle is just the beginning. Choose a good riding school or seek the expertise of an experienced rider. Most importantly, stay within your limits and learn the skills necessary to ride the motorcycle under all conditions and circumstances. Choose one of our many products from Open Road Girl and look amazing as you take the first few steps into the world of motorcycles.

2 thoughts on “Best Beginner Motorcycles for Women Riders

  1. Don’t exaggerate on your first ride and put the attention to your riding position and handling instead of how fast you can ride it in a straight line. By doing this, you will find out if this is the right bike for you much easier and you will be able to enjoy it and get the most of your beginner motorcycle. And the most important thing for a beginner rider comes at the end. Always learn and always anticipate the worst, then ride accordingly and be prepared to react within your riding capabilities. Don’t save your money buying cheap safety gear. And if your loved ones don’t have an idea, what to buy you for Christmas or your birthday, you can always show them your favourite motorcycle mods, the   Smart Turn System  or the  Smart Brake Module  – or a bundle of the two ??

  2. A seasoned male rider taught me to ride. I started out on a Suzuki GZ250 for three years. I am so very glad he suggested it! I really had to get my skills down before moving up to something I wanted. Of course, at the time I had no idea WHAT I wanted. There is a difference in driving in a cage, and riding using all four limbs and a clear brain. I weathered all kinds of obstacles in those years while riding with a group. They were kind enough to be patient with me going up hills in the 250. I have fond memories of that time and they bring a smile to my face. After searching and moving up slowly, I am on my forever bike. Yamaha V-Star Classic 1300. I did not make the huge leap. I rode everything in between before purchasing. Because I learned skills on the GZ250 which was light and can get away from you; I am respectful of my big engine but not afraid. I strongly suggest something small for a bit. Do not start big. Learn your skills. Then confidence will come like I have. I just want to say to all women riders……YOU GO GIRL!!

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