Long Distance Motorcycling Tips

Few things can be as exhilarating and be as freeing for a woman like a long motorcycle ride. The open road and the wind on your face, the miles keep rolling by, and you become one with your motorcycle while a feeling of calmness and contentment envelops you. We definitely recommend such a trip, but there are some things that you should be aware of so that the trip is as much fun as possible with the least bit of hassles or hurdles.

Prepare your bike: This might seem obvious, but most people gloss over this because it just seems normal to get on the saddle and ride off. While this might be perfectly okay for a short ride, a breakdown is the last thing you need on the road during a longer trip, especially if it is a remote road. You do not need to be a motorcycle nut to do the basic checks. The first thing to check would be the tire pressure. While a gauge is the best way to do this, if you do not have one handy then simply sit on the motorcycle and see if the tires get compressed. If they do, then they need some more air. The next thing to check would be for oil leaks. A simple look at the spot where the bike was parked is enough. It should be clean but if it isn’t and there are oil spots, then the motorcycle needs a trip to a mechanic. Finally, check that both the breaks work fine.

Plan your trip: Now we don’t want you to make a rigid schedule and stick to it. That is just against everything a motorcycle represents. What we mean is that a plan should include the number of hours you want to ride. Then, chart out a rough schedule so you know where you need to make stops. This will also allow you to call beforehand and book rooms for staying overnight. Other things you need to be aware of are the fuel pumps on the way and the restrooms as well as eateries. The ride is all about relaxing and enjoying and it is hard to do that if you are hungry or need to use the bathroom. This will also mean that you will have contingencies ready in case of an emergency. It is also a great idea to sign up for roadside assistance.

Be realistic about your plans: A common trait of all motorcyclists is their tendency to get overexcited. This is a great quality but it is important to pace yourself so that your trip doesn’t turn out in a way where it is fun for the first leg, but you end up limping home for the rest of the trip. Take breaks every now and then and clock those miles in a responsible manner. Stop and enjoy the scenery every once in a while. It will also help you avoid a sore back, neck, and wrists. Sitting in the same position is never good and a painful trip is worse than no trip at all.

Dress comfortably: This somewhat ties in with the previous thing on this list. It is absolutely necessary to be as comfortable as possible while looking good. It might seem something impossible to achieve as most motorcycle apparels focus on men. Do not worry as you can do exactly that with our line of motorcycle apparels specially designed for women. Check out our website at www.OpenRoadGirl.com.  The dress has to be appropriate for the weather and a good set of clothes goes a long way in keeping your long trip as fun and easy as it can be.

Keep an eye on the speed: This is another aspect where motorcyclists get carried away quite easily. As the trip gets longer the temptation to twist that accelerator and set the roads ablaze might become stronger, but do not give into this temptation. Nothing is worth putting your life and health at risk. A motorcycle trip is all about the journey and not the destination. Getting there faster achieves nothing.

Avoid the sun and riding at night: Riding for too long under the sun can actually cause a lot of harm in the form of dehydration and sunburns. The worst part is that it is difficult to realize this before it is too late as all your concentration is on the road. Keep yourself as covered as possible. Wear a neck tube and nice boots. Avoid riding in the night as well as the visibility decreases and there is also the chance of losing focus.

Never ever ride when sleepy: This advice is generally given to car drivers but is even more apt for a motorcycle rider. While car drivers get a bit more leeway before things go sideways, for a motorcycle rider things can literally go sideways and every other wrong direction with just a momentary lapse in concentration. Ensure that you are well rested before every leg of the journey.

It is best to do it in a group: The longer trips, both from a safety point of view as well as from the fun point of view, are usually best when you have other like-minded women along with you. This way you can be better prepared in case of emergencies and feel a sense of camaraderie and friendship. It is not necessary that you know these fellow ladies beforehand. That is the beauty of a motorcycle trip. It can bring together strangers like nothing else can. Look for online forums and you will be able to find quite a few groups of ladies who go on long drives. Join them or start a group of your own. If you have someone in your own circle of friends, then it is even better.


While all of these tips are a great pointer to make sure a long motorcycle trip is both safe and fun, the final judgment is in your hands. Just make sure that anything and everything you do has a positive impact on you. If done right, a motorcycle trip can be the highlight of your life. It is a great way to take a break from your daily routine and be able to live life to the fullest.


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