What’s Your Open Road Girl Biker Name?

Hey Ladies!

Let’s have a little fun. Follow the instructions to determine your Open Road Girl Biker Name. For example, I am Malinda Johnson, and I am wearing a black shirt, so my Open Road Girl Biker Name is:  Loving Fun Boss. What is yours? Find out and then share with all of us below in the comments. It will be interesting to read all your names!


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Open Road Girl Biker Name?

  1. My Open Road name girl is “Hummer”……I have a crazy addiction to Hummingbirds, My softail Slim has hummingbird art in leather, usually every summer we get anywhere from 60-80 birds feeding a day, and I go thru a minimum of 20 lbs of sugar a week. Im working on filling an arm with HUmmingbird Tattoos!!..Yes I Love those damn lil birds!

  2. Daring Free Spirit…. yep that would work if I didnt have one already…lol I am Daring, and a free spirit!

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