Month: June 2015

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat on your Motorcycle

As summer rolls on and riding season comes into full swing, the temperatures begin to soar. Several areas of the US have already seen the mercury rising into the 90’s, with humidity high and the UV index climbing. These are beautiful days for enjoying the road- if you are well prepared! Heat related illnesses can […]

How Do You Choose a Motorcycle?

Ahh, riding. There’s nothing in the world that comes close to the experience. It truly is a hard-earned accomplishment to be licensed and on two wheels. It takes patience and skill to learn to ride, and every time you get on the road, you’re making decisions. Some of those decisions may be life and death; […]

Finding Genuine Honda Saddlebag

Finding Genuine Honda Saddlebag Accessories are an important addition to any motorcycle. They not only enhance its appearance, but increase the value of the motorcycle. One of the most important accessories you can add to your motorcycle is a saddlebag. These are storage bags that are designed specifically for motorbikes. They were originally an improvisation […]

Motorcyclist Road Woes: What to Look For and How to Handle Them

Whether you are a rider leaving the safety of your driveway for the very first time or a veteran rolling into the 100,000 mile mark, there are always road hazards to look out for. Asphalt snakes, blind spots, uneven roads, gravel, distracted drivers can all turn a good ride into a tragedy if not handled […]