Motorcycle Riding and Your Physical Health

Okay, ladies. We all know that riding improves our moods. We get out on the road for our Wind Therapy, and what happens? You feel the rush of the wind whipping your worries away; the humming and vibration of the motor seems to literally shake the tension from your body. But did you know that our physical health is being improved every time we take ourselves out on two wheels?

I joked with a friend of mine that I utilized some of the core-strengthening techniques I’d learned in her yoga class while riding. Little did I know that I was stating the obvious. Think about all you do on your bike as you constantly adjust to the road and environment. We lean into those turns with control and precision. Our arms are being held at the same level throughout our ride to ensure a safe, steady grip on the handlebars. As we hug the tank with knees, we are utilizing those inner thigh muscles which can sometimes go ignored in traditional workouts. Moving a bike into or out of a parking spot is engaging our core muscles (abdomen, back, obliques) and challenging our calves and thighs. Hey, a good leg workout helps make those kickass riding boots stand out!

Motocross riders and racers have been proven to burn up to 600 calories an hour while on their bikes. It’s estimated that a rider on a street legal bike burns between 200-300 calories an hour. Riding into those headwinds, keeping your balance, and working the brakes, clutch, and throttle all takes controlled efforts. Even balancing the weight of the helmet takes work, and consequently, strengthens your neck muscles at the same time. These constant movements keep your body working to burn calories and may even speed up your metabolism. And let’s not forget the additional calorie burning activities, like washing the road grit off or conditioning the leather seats.

The physical and mental benefits of riding are real. Lace up your boots, rev up that engine, and get out there and get healthy.

Posted by Jennifer Andersen