International Female Ride Day

Did you know that May 2 is the Ninth Annual International Female Ride Day©?

I want to share the point of this terrific campaign, whose sole purpose is to highlight the female motorcycle and scooter rider. I can relate to that, riding is my passion and it doesn’t take too much to convince me to get on my 2005 Dyna Low Rider and rev it up.

Here’s their story:

International Female Ride Day© is an event that shines a spotlight on women motorcyclists asking just one unified action for all women that day – to “JUST RIDE©”. It’s a globally supported day of awareness for female motorcycle riders everywhere!

A day emphasizing the numerous females who ride motorcycles; supporting their diversities, agelessness, independent spirit and the enjoyment women embrace in the activity of motorcycling. Each and every woman is a role model on International Female Ride Day!

Another goal for the campaign is to create awareness of female motorcyclists of every culture around the world, while simultaneously encouraging other women to take up the sport by demonstrating how fun and easy it is to get involved.

International Female Ride Day© was created to promote three main principles:

1) FREEDOM – Women are free to participate and enjoy the day in any manner in which they prefer – JUST GET OUT AND RIDE! Together, we can all enjoy a bike outing regardless of our ride preference.

Every bike or scooter is beautiful because it is ours. The best bike in the world is the one that we’re on.

2) OPEN GOOD WILL-Although many motorcycle ride day events are commonly

partnered with a charity or good cause, International Female Ride Day does not assign any charity partner to this campaign. This inspires participants to create their own cause or incorporate activities around their current choice of charity organizations.

3) FOR WOMEN / BRANDING – IFRD is a commercial free campaign dedicated to promoting women and motorcycling. It is not under the influence of corporate sponsorship. This ensures women riders the choice of using any manufacturer’s make or model to enjoy equal participation.

IFRD occurs on the first Saturday in May, every year. Enjoy and JUST RIDE!

This a great way to start off the biking season, so make it a point to connect

with your easy rider gal pals and make this an annual tradition.