Open Road Girls that Ride Their Own

There’s a ton of men who’ll say that there’s nothing more attractive than seeing an Open Road Girl who rides her own motorcycle.

I know a lot of women who ride their own, and they’re all different. Even if you look at the chicks that ride only as passengers, many have the same personalities and characteristics as those who operate a motorcycle.

Of those women who’d rather ride as passengers, many of them are fully capable of mastering a motorcycle, but just rather not learn how. They’re still very much capable of doing things on their own. But then again, I know of some female passengers who I doubt could ever master one.

The thing is that many women who ride their own often ride smaller motorcycles, like Sportsters, or pretty bikes like Deluxes. It would be even more sexy I suppose if a gal was riding something more “manly”, like a Road King or a heavy tourer like a Yamaha Venture.

There was a statistic somewhere that the Softail Deluxe was the closest thing to a “chick bike” that Harley Davidson has, simply because on a male-to-female sales ratio, it’s the closest to a 1-to-1 ratio of all motorcycles. You’d think that the Sportster was closer to a 1-to-1 ratio, but apparently there’s still more guys buying Sporties.  Crazy, huh?

So, if you’re an Open Road Girl who rides a motorcycle, and wondered what bike you could ride that would make you really sexy? I suppose that answer varies from one guy to another, but I think a Road King with apes, or a Dyna Wide Glide, looks pretty awesome when piloted by a chick.

Live, Love, Ride!