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Time to Move Ahead and Grow Ladies!

Women have been making substantial progress year-after-year. Women that do not progress are women who say “I can’t”. In our own minds, we can not set limits on our achievements. Women who move ahead and grow know no limits. The sky is the limit! By constantly setting new goals, no matter how small each individual […]

The 2018 Open Road Girl Rally

The second annual Open Road Girl Rally is less than two months away! The 2018 Open Road Girl Rally Swag is NOW available for Pre-ordering (shirts, tanks, long sleeve tee, hoodies). 👉👉🔥These will NOT be available to purchase at the Rally. ONLY online!! 👈👈 Link to order===> Please SHARE AND INVITE all that would love to […]

What’s Your Open Road Girl Biker Name?

Hey Ladies! Let’s have a little fun. Follow the instructions to determine your Open Road Girl Biker Name. For example, I am Malinda Johnson, and I am wearing a black shirt, so my Open Road Girl Biker Name is:  Loving Fun Boss. What is yours? Find out and then share with all of us below […]

Open Road Girls Riding Solo

Hey Ladies! Have any of you been thinking about heading out to take a nice, long, solo motorcycle trip? We often ride together in groups, but sometimes it is therapeutic for us to enjoy getting away for a road trip to enjoy the sites while reflecting and renewing our beautiful spirits. Maybe you’ve always dreamed […]

Open Road Girl Member World Record Attempt

WORLD-RECORD CHALLENGE ATTEMPT INTERNATIONAL FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED BY OPEN ROAD GIRL APPAREL SUPPORTING GRIZZLY RACE TEAMS’ USA REPRESENTATIVE FAITH AHLERS Minneapolis, MN, April 9th, 2018 Faith Ahlers, seasoned rider and motorcycle accessories expert with Kuryakyn was selected as one of four women that would be coached, trained and sponsored to challenge the ’round-the-world’ record held […]

Tips for New Riders

If you are an experienced Open Road Girl, you have a great opportunity to take pride in helping new riders learn and refine their skills. And remember, none of us ever stop learning. Every ride is a great opportunity for all of us to grow and develop our riding skills. If you are a new […]

Storing Your Motorcycle for the Winter

There are 4 aspects to storing a bike. They are fuel, oil, battery and tires. First will be presented the short version of each (what time is it?). Following that will be the highly technical explanations of each, for those who want to know why (how to build a watch). Fuel.  There are 2 different […]

Riding in Groups for Beginners: Tips and Etiquette

One of the greatest things about riding a motorcycle is the camaraderie found amongst those who love the open road. You find yourself making unexpected connections, new friends, and travel companions. Group rides can be for the purpose of a poker run, charity or fundraiser, traveling in a group to another destination, or a sightseeing […]

Motorcycle v Trike

It seems that recently, trikes have become a source of discussion and great debate. Some seem to think that trikes are in a different category entirely from traditional two-wheeled motorcycles, while others see them as just a variation. Perusing through blogs and message boards seem to offer up the general conclusion that trikes are easier […]

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat on your Motorcycle

As summer rolls on and riding season comes into full swing, the temperatures begin to soar. Several areas of the US have already seen the mercury rising into the 90’s, with humidity high and the UV index climbing. These are beautiful days for enjoying the road- if you are well prepared! Heat related illnesses can […]